What is Sustainability?

Transitioning to Sustainability means moving toward patterns of development that promote human well-being while conserving the life support systems of the planet.

About the Producers

 Nelson DePasquale and Julia Sickler met during their first year in graduate school studying sustainability science at Montclair State University. Their background in entertainment and passion for environmental science brought them together to create this media platform for local sustainability centered groups.

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Montclair Community Farms, Aerofarms, and PermaJam showcase various environmentally friendly initiatives that are taking place locally. Learn more about these organizations and other initiatives.

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The film

This short film, produced at Carpe Diem Studios at Montclair State University, will help to increase awareness of local sustainability initiatives in New Jersey and improve public participation for environmental protection.   Featured guest Gray Russell, the sustainability coordinator for the Township of Montclair, visits the studio and discusses what we need to do to shift to renewable energy.
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Join the movement

Attend local events that are centered in sustainability initiatives, such as workshops, classes, yoga and meditation, film screenings, transition meet-up groups, and more!