Meet the Producers

Julia Sickler

Producer and Co-Host

Julia has been performing in and producing media programs and events for over 10 years. Recently, she Produced and Co-hosted popular health and wellness talk show, Live Life Well, on MontclairTV34. A graduate of the Entertainment & Arts Management Program at Drexel University, she has helped produce several large transformational festivals in the Tri-State Area, including F.A.R.M. Fest and Karma Fest.

Julia is currently in the Master’s program for Sustainability Science at Montclair State University. Julia is the co-owner of Integrative Herbalism, an herbal medicine apothecary, clinic, and education center in Kinnelon, NJ. She is traveling to Rwanda to conduct research with the Wildlife Conservation Society this February.

Nelson DePasquale

Producer and Co-Host

Viewers recall Nelson from his role as Sports Anchor-Director for Inside MSU from ‘08- ‘10. He was the Editor-in-Chief and Sports Editor for The Montclarion before working in sports journalism for four years.  He has also produced and directed Sham and The Cyborgs, both 30-min. sitcom pilots. Nelson brings his charm and charisma to the screen, along with intensive knowledge of current sustainability issues.

Nelson has just completed the Master’s program for Sustainability Science at Montclair State University, and is working for the Passaic Department of Public Works.

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Julia Sickler is traveling to Rwanda in the Spring of 2018 to conduct research for the Wildlife Conservation Society, and will post her progress on the Spotlights section of this website. She is also doing graduate research with Montclair State University's Environmental Economics and Policy Lab under the direction of Dr. Pankaj Lal.