PermaJam festivals are gatherings for our children and for the Earth. Everything that manifests at PermaJam is medicine to help nourish our surrounding communities, and to help us remember who we are and we come from. What they ask of everyone is to treat each other and the Earth with respect. Permajam promotes a culture of Earth Stewardship, of responsibility and giving back to the land that sustains us. Their goal is to continue to build sustainable communities through organizing permaculture festivals. They’re building a model where those who attend may participate in transforming the landscape into a thriving permaculture system, and eventually help fund community projects around the globe. The concept is catching on with about a dozen locations asking to organize festivals on their land. And as with any growing organization, help is always needed. Get involved with PermaJam and become part of our team – make an offering of music, art, or a workshop; vend, sponsor, donate, or any way you wish to contribute. Send them an e-mail to

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